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All listings are currently priced at $24.95 and expire on the 31st day. Each listing contains a title, a description and an image (see notes on image size below). Each listing needs to be assigned to a specific category, and all listings are searchable by The M. List users. Your listing, prior to being visible on the site, will be approved by The M. List staff.

You will be automatically informed if your listing is about to expire. The renewal process is easy and the renewal notification email will contain a link where you can renew in one step.

You can edit your listing at any time by logging into the ad management panel. All changes to your listing will be subject to review.

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Minimum image size is 200px by 200px, and maximum size is 1400px by 1400px. Non square images will be cropped to fit into the thumbnail on the listings pages, however a version of the thumbnail with the original aspect ratio is shown when the user clicks on the listing thumbnail.

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